Friday, January 29, 2016

MY itinerary in Korea

while cleaning up my file,i found this..

as i ve ENTJ personality,i dont like last minutes plan.thus thats why ive such this draft.

i ll survey they place that i m interested to visit

maybe it helps someday

Trip itinerary

23/4 sat
Gangbyeon to cheongpyeong
1 hour 30 min
7.30  - 9.00 a.m

Cheongpyeong (petite france )
2 hours 30 minutes
 9.00 - 11.30 a.m

Cheongpyeong to gapyeong
10 min
11.30- 11.40 a.m

Gapyeong to nami’s jetty
20 minutes
11.40 -  12.15 p.m
5 000 (taxi )

Jetty to island

30 000 fee

Start tour island

2.00 p.m

Gapyeong to gangbyeon


30 000 /room

24/4 sun
Gangbyeon to jaondae
2 hours 30 minutes
7.00 a.m

Jaondae to everland

Shuttle bus

Enter everland

10.00 a.m
40 000

Everland station  to Dongdaemun

2 750

Dongdaemun to ehwa
30 min

1 200

Gangbyeon(admin )

30 000

25/4 mon
Gangbyeon to palace

Lila,make reservation to everland Nak ke nami tu,dr subway ke itx, lain caranya
Gangbyeon .line 7(konkuk uni ) . stop at sangbong transfer to gyeongchun. Line 7 (itx)
Cheongpyeong (petite france )
Everland Station (Yongin Ever Line), Exit 3. From the station, take the shuttle bus to everland

Take train form Sangbong Station (Line 7/ Gyeongchun Line @ Junjang Line) to Gapyeong Station @ Gyeongchun Line) : Nearest to Nami Island
Seoul Station to Gapyeong Station
Duration : 1 Hour 44 mins
Stop : 23 stations
T-Money : KRW 1,800 (RM5)
Cash : KRW 1,900 (RM5.30)
Transfer : Hoegi Station (Line 1) and Sangbong Station (Jungang Line)
Route : Seoul Station (Line 1) to Hoegi Station (Line 1) to Sangbong Station (Jungang Line) to Gapyeong Station  (Gyeongchun Line)

Changdeokgung Palace; KRW 3,000 (RM8) + KRW 5,000 (RM14) entrance to Secret Garden *recommended*
- Seoul War Memorial * (option)
- Seoul City Hall
- Gyeongbokgung Palace KRW 3000 = KRW10,000 tiket untuk 5 palace
- Hello Kitty Café… Naik train and turun kat station Hongdae Area (Hongik University Area)
- Itaewon (jalan-jalan dan cari makanan islam)

[From Seoul Express Bus Terminal or Dong Seoul Bus Terminal]
- Take an express bus bound for Sokcho Bus Terminal (travel time: 2hr 30min).
For the bus schedule, go to
- From Sokcho Intercity / Express Bus Terminal, take Bus 7 or 7-1.
- Get off at Sogongwon Bus Stop (travel time: 45min).


Sokcho area
Dong seoul bus terminal nearby gangbyeon subway line 2 green .
Sinchon to gangbyeon (subway)
Gangbyeon to sokcho
Local bus sokcho to mount seorak
Admission to mount seroak

Book the house hostel
Must go to abai village located in sokcho

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