Thursday, August 22, 2013

i have a DREAM .,master.Phd,fast Track?

Seriously i have a dream.I want to pursue my study oversea.I hope ONE day it will come true.yesterday"s was my day.A bless from ALLAH act.Alhamdulilah i got SIME Darby SCHOLARSHip.Yesterday i went to sime darby convention centre with my mom.Seeing the juniors are going to further their undergraduate  studies in oversea.I felt sangat semangat untuk belajar dengan lebih bersungguh sungguh,Iwant to graduate with first class honour so that i can easily further my study either on master or Phd.So,i take a walk in bloggers world and i found this.,Which i think might help me one day.insya ALLAH.besides,she is a UTM Student,same goes as me.UTM stand for universiti teknologi malaysia not mara.mara is UITM.
this one looks interesting too. but she is from UITM. here i may need this one also.Nurul atiqah alias said,in order to pursue in certain country,we need to take IELTS.