Tuesday, November 15, 2011

back to school

we went to school on monday
teacher said:naek bas ape"
x lah cg,masing2..
nice meet u all..

Saturday, November 12, 2011

let"S cover aurah

bukan nak kate ape la kan":)
kalo nak maen bola tuh,nak pakai short,pakai lah
tp yg penting,aurat tu cover k.
insyaallah bersama2 kita menjaga aurat


while stalking i found this
this is awsome

♥ Ketahuilah olehmu wahai orang-orang yang suka 

menuntut ilmu.. ♥

Sesesungguhnya apabila kamu menuntut ilmu untuk 

bermegah-megah dan untuk mendahului rakan-rakan 

sesamamu, serta untuk mengarah muka manusia 

supaya merasa segan kepadamu, maka…..perjalana

n mu yang demikian adalah untuk MERUNTUHKAN 


DUNIA...Maka perniagaan dan dagangan engkau akan 

menemui KERUGIAN…

Maka renungilah wahai teman('',) Sama-sama kita 

memperbetulkan kembali NIAT kita....Belajar KERANA

 ALLAH, belajar kerana kita INGIN MENDALAMI ILMU-

NYA... Semoga peperiksaan ini akan menjadikan kita 

lebih DEKAT dengan Allah swt...

Moga Allah memberikan yang terbaik setelah sepenuh

usaha kita lakukan...

doesn't want us to be the best,

But, HE w
ant us to do the best,

and for sure, Let
HIM ‘do’ for the rest..."

Friday, November 11, 2011


Emm..it has been a long time I am not written here
So now I am having semester break
Only for 2 weeks
Then,I”ll start my second sem
Being acacian is not as easy as abc
My advice for incoming assasian,
Prepare for your physical and mental
Before I”l start my holidays ,
We were having our first sem final exam
It”s totally challenging
What to do
Want or not,we really have to face it
So I just go through it\patiently
note that:those who scored 4 rata for asasi is really great
huh~!i really respect you..
Yeah patiently
It”s really test our strength.
Only allah knows better
On de day that I am taking biology paper 1
It was very awesome experience.
U know y
Because,on that day,we have to wait for the shuttle bus
And that bus is just for that day
Act we were moving to the knew
Exam hall
As the old one has been damaged by heavy rain
Then.the new exam hall is totally far from our college.
It only took 10 minutes if by bus la
If u walk,it”s quiet far..
                      Okay,,back to our topic..
I don”t mind if we wait in good weather,
But the reality is we wait under heavy rain
Yeah really heavy
But.alhamdulilah we look to the bright sight
Insya-Allah there”s bless from allah
But our clothes is really wet include my socks
Then I just entered the exam hall with wet socks
Also,being in two hour and half in wet condition
It”S really cold dude.
dewan exam lame
This is really a great experience I bet
Ok.after finishing our exam,
I decide to take the cab
Unfortunately ther”s no cab for us
So by leg la..
Ok biology paper 1 is tougher than paper 2
Because almost overall of it”s topic is facts u know
When u are facing facts,there”s no way for u to escape right
The big mistake I learnt is
We have to finish our tutorial by ourself
Never copy from others
Unless u really don”t know about it
I”ll take that as moral values

Here are some memories during sem 1
This picture is taken during at chemistry lab
Last day
The best experience was,there”s fire happened at my front table.
Which is belong to aini”s haha
U really freak me out at that time
I am standing besides adib at that time,
And suddenly a fire happened
That fire is really big
Luckily our ceiling is not burn too
Lab baru kot
We are the first batch using this lab..
ak terselit"cubalah cari:)
Really funny,.
Coz adib has become the hero
Yeah hero Malaya,
Luckily I asked him to turn off the gas
Yeah we don”t really know what to do at that time
N alhamdulillah I got the idea
Adib,tun the gas off!!
Then the fire vanish…
I love my demonstrator as she was very sporting
At first,I thought she was fierce as lion
But,not act
She”s kindJ
Remember,don”t judge a book by it”s cover
sem 1 memories:
this picture been taken at um
there"s jualan..so we go ,just for fun

Sorry to all my beloved friends
As I were replying all of ur messages quiet late
This is because I am became fully housewife
I have to help my mum
Coz I rarely at home
So I think this is the best time for me to
Work for them
Besides I am a teacher for my younger brother
I have to teach him rather than let him play games all the time