Thursday, June 18, 2015

Ramadhan pertama di Korea Selatan ( First experience fasting oversea)

alhamdulilah Allah has granted me a chanced to experience how the feeling fasting overseas .

My  first terawih prayer ended at 11.30 p.m.while performing the terawih.Suddenly I felt a bit sad. Perhaps because i am leaving KAIST soon.Just now,while waiting for isya' prayer. I crossed path with a great women .She has 3 children who have always performed prayer on time.How did I know about this ?

Yesterday , I went to the mosque for the subuh prayer,and I saw the 3 of them cycling to get to the mosque. Subhanallah, their parents are so lucky to have such obedient children. I asked her, "How do your children manage to wake up early in the morning?" I am very curious because I myself cannot wake so early in the morning.

me        :how they woke up ?
woman: its my husband.he trained them to woke up and perform early prayer.
me       :wow.your husband is great!!!
woman:ya,you know when i was young i wish i want to get married at 21,but allah grant my dua by allowing me to get married at 26.can you see the gap?Allah knows best.Alhamdulilah Allah has given me the chance to prepare myself before the real marriage.Within this gap,I pray may allah send me children who can  perform better prayer than me. And also who can enlighten the atmosphere of the mosque. Alhamdulilah ALLAH has sent me this man.
 me: Masyaallah.Subhanallah.
woman: You should start praying for your better half from now on so that your better half can bring you closer to Allah.

Allah has sent her to me at the precise moment. Deep down, I have always wondered who is my better half. After I met her, I finally realised that the answer to my wonderment is to keep calm and pray.

Here, one thing i noted is that, i really need to change my biological clock .the subuh is at 3.40 a.m. i chose not to sleep the whole yesterday's night as  i want to wait for subuh prayer. to me,once i sleep ,is hard for me to wake up .but there s something  linggering in my mind,sleeping after subuh is not a good i decide not to sleep after subuh,insyaallah i ll wait after dhuha .

alhamdulilah sahur today prepared by hanis.May ALLAH bless and ease u bro.
me,afiqah,abg mat,hanis and wardrobe eat together .so delicious !!! 어조 맛있어요 !nasi with kari ayam and ayam panggang .