Friday, August 14, 2015

DOnt dig your ear !!

I think this only apply for sensitive skin like me: )

I rarely dig my ear,but this time i did once n I'm being infected.

I went to the PKU UPM,and the doctor gave me antibiotic, ear drop,and papase. I wonder what is this papase/beazyme  for?

Doc said,never use cotton bud to dig ur ear.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Road to commision.sub acting liutenant to be

A week late than my and nina are going to UPM.kesian nina kena drive alone fr UTM to UPM.
Cara cara nak masuk bilik sechy.
1-ketuk pintu
2-bkk sikit (30 degree)
3-lapor pangkat nama nombor
4-minta kebenaran masuk tuan!
3-lapor nama kau
4-bersama 1xpkdt, mnta kebenaran masuk, tuan

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

KAIST grade

this is how the grading system in kaist.over 4.3.

DORM allocation with the fee

the college fee worth 620 000 won per sem

first time in South Korea .from Incheon Airport to KAIST

When first i came to Korea,i know nothing about korean languages.Frankly speaking, in Korea,if  you  are traveling somewhere and dont know how to speak korean,sometimes you will find it is difficult,but you can use your body languages,knowing it will be difficult for foreigner who are first time come to Korea ,thus the international office of KAIST provide us guidelines how to get to KAIST.

we printed this one.진짜

we showed the map to the 아저씨 ahjussi

we arrived that night exactly at w6 :)

its end of winter (february 2015 )


KAIST post this letter to UTM international Office

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


they even have menu on websites.the students can check out what is the menu being offered on the cafeteria

surabaya commtech

TO KNOW MORE information, join this group !!!