Friday, January 29, 2016

best ever Korean Homestay Chungcheong

Glance into lives of Chungcheong
Myeongjae Korean mansion  in NONSAN
We made rice cake stew,eggplant kimchi,Korean honey cake
How to make the rice cake?
Cut meat into pieces
Cut the rice cake into 4 part
Mix the rice cake with soy sauce
Put sugar in the mixtre of rice cake,soy sauce,
Then mix all of them with the small pieces of meat,
Then put them on the stove
Eggplant kimchi:
Cut eggplant into pieces,boile them,
Then cut sadri into pieces,
Mix all of them with the gung jung chae.
Korean honey cake.
So easy
1.mix ginger with flour
2.vegetable with flour

Cloth dyeing
The scarf that were given  to us is 100% silk .the process is a bit similar with batik in which we need to dissolve the clothes into dye.the use natural substance,there are two type of dye,natural onion dye and …
They are 3 ways
1.       use rope
2.       use ice cream stick
3.       just rubber band
make sure u tight the rubber band tightky!!!!!
After finish tighting the rubber band,we soak the clothes in dye.then rinse them with tap water until the water become clear(means that if we put the cloth inside the basin,there no more color )after that,soaked the silk in aluminium phosphate,to make sure the dye stick to the silk,(last forever )
And then that’s all,you can take your scarf@!!!!

Music with narration.

From 7-8 p.m .unique,they passionate to learn traditional music rather than kpop.

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