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안녕 하세요,하리라 ㅔ요.카이스트 학생 이에요.기숙사가 나래 있어요.
spring 2015 exchange students

cherry blossom just last within 2 weeks. :) subhanallah.beautiful .


Mengembaralah ke  negara yang lebih maju.sewaktu di KAIST saya melihat ramai pelajar 

dari negara barat yang mengembara  ke serata dunia,#mereka sangat suka ke Philiphines.saya tersedar

 bahawa kita terlalu selesa berada di Malaysia .jika dibandingkan sistem pembelajaran di Malaysia 

dan Korea ianya sangat jauh berbeza.di kaist,syllabusnya jauh lebih padat dari UTM.malah pelajar 

disini menggunakan buku edisi kebangsaan sebagai rujukan.seandainya seseorang itu hanya 

bergantung kepada lecture note,jauh sekali untuk seseorang itu menjadi seorang yang 

cemerlang(mendapat gred tinggi).walaupun saya merasakn syllabus disini sangat mudah,namun,ianya

 hanya ilusi.saya sangt terkejut tatkala melihat kertas peperiksaan,sangat susah.I m taking the 

GENETICS  subjects here,the syllabus is just easy,but the exam is very very difficult .

Saya bertanya kepada bebrapa orang kawan dan mereka mengatakan bahawa kehidupan di korea 

sangat competitive

Disini saya ingin berkongsi apakah yang wajar dilakukan sebelum departure ke Korea.Here I want to 

share what should be done before departuring to Korea.Just to make sure you wont missed out 

something.Hope this helps.

Before departure:

Aktifkan kad bank untuk kegunaan luar Negara

Bawa souvenir yg ada trademark UTM.maybe bley try mnta dari unit korporat komunikasi di 

bangunan canseleri.

Bawa Malaysian food,such as the herbs etc,#if you plan to cook while you are in Korea. Living cost 

in Daejeon is not that expensive,but if you compare with Malaysia ‘s currency ,surely you’ll think it 

is expensive.

Tatkala berada di luar Negara:

Jangan lupa untuk memohon bantuan rakan utk mengaktifkan /top up no phone me.i 

forgot about this and now when I m back to MAS I need to buy a new simcard.

Jangan bawa banyak cash dalam wallet.sentiasa beringat di mana wallet itu

ASK for the host university’s handbook

Don’t be late for the class , some PRoffessor are very strict if you late even one minute.

Untuk menjadi pelajar cemerlang di Korea :

Frankly speaking syllabus in KAIST lebihh banyak compared to UTM.Well no wonder.tengoklah 

ranking university KAIST.Memang kena workout lebih ,like me,I ve try my best to study at the right 

time where our brain work efficiently which is 4-6 a.m.i purposely allocated this time to study 

immunology because my brain can’t digest the subject at other time.I think the reference book  way 

of writing is  too hard to understand. Frankly ,I need to read many times to understand it.i thing I 

noted.i just realized to do this during exam week.i looked for immunology videos at youtube .the 

video made by …it really help me what immunology is.but that video does is just a rough

 wont tell the small small molecule that are involved in the process.actually I want  to bring back the 

textbook,since my bag is too heavy,I need to leave it in KAIST.Our reference book is 

IMMUNOBIOLOGY by  Charles Janeway same as UTM reference book.

The best thing I like about KAIST

1.       KAIST leap second ranking in ASIAN university ranking of science and technology.wherever you 

go in Korea,if you mentioned you are from KAIST those people will.WHatt!!! from KAIST?you are 

brilliant.They really respect you  if you say you are from wonder the syllabus is damn 

hard.and right now there s only one undergraduate from Malaysia #Amalina Wahab #that currently 

studying in KAIST and only one and half year left in KAIST for her.and after that she will be 

graduating.the Malaysian students that studying in Korea also said that it hard to enter KAIST and none 

from JPA or MARA scholars are in KAIST.

2.       KAIST has many water cooler.its not water ccooler actually .its the water machine?like coway you just need to bring small Korean friend told me that she felt weird when saw I 

brought big bottle to wonder those Korean just use small bottle.haha but I like to use big bottle 

so no need top up many time

3.       I used bicycle to get to me,walking from W6 (narae hall)나래관   to creative building is too 

tiring.alhhamdulilah luckily most of my class is at E11 building.only immunology class is at E6-3 


LISTS of lecterur at  biological sciences

from left :marie from norway a.k.a my roomate ,korean teacher,afiqah and me .

rana from indonesia

afiqah from singapore

Finishing the TRM !!!!(team reaction memo )

Professor sujin lee

PROF SUK JO KANG  for immunology subjects

4.       There was a new halal shop available at N12.although the  the price is quite pricey,(비싸요)their 

menu is not that bad .좋아요

5.       I can cook at the international kitchen where it is located at the front of my dormitory.Usually I ll go to the kitchen early in the morning to cook for lunch as I don’t like to be in the crowded kitchen.there s 

one incident that terrifying me in the kitchen.that time I forgot that I m heating up the oil in the pan.and 

swati was calling me to help her to cook her rice. suddenly there s fire inside my pan.i m stunned.i don’t

 straight away put  water in it because I learnt that we should not put water in burning fire.but swati 

purposely put the water and the fire goes more bigger..

6.       I like the have everything in the dorm and mine located in second floor 

which is near the lounge.there s a micorwave and water coway in it.besides theres also study room.

Challenge part about KAIST 카이스트

1.       Frankly, the students is very brilliant.

2.       Sometimes you have continuous class from 1 p.m-7 me,on Tuesday(화요일 ),my schedule 

start from 1-7 p.m and same goes as the final exam.its really bad to face 3 exam papers in a day,so 

whenever from early of the semester you already know you have 3 classes continuously,I adviced you to 

predict the final exam have high probability to be on the same prepare your physical and 


organizational behaviours teammates :

the best thing about organizational behaviour class, i dont take final exam :)

3.       Sometimes you will feel dizzy in class cause whenever the students start asking in Korean,the 

professor will start lecturing in Korean. FYI,they love their language very much .#we should learn to 

love Malay language like the Korean love their language

What you should do in Kaist
1.       take the Korean me,this courses really help me to survive in Korea.In order to take the 

bus,#im referring to ting tong bus,but the express bus where should now how to read the destination.the 

bus will announce which destination are the arriving,but you will get confuse somehow .like 

me,sometime I cant really get what the speaker is saying.

2.       Find apricot tree

3.       Try shrimp burger at lotteria

4.       Eat at kaimaru

This cherry blossoms tree just located at the front of KAIMARU :)

MOSTLY student KAIST memang suka berbasikal.boleh kira siapa yang naik motor atau kereta.Even me,i have my own bicycle .

What is my feeling after being 4 months in Korea

1.       first time when I came I felt amazed, wow they are so handsome and pretty (예뻐요).but at last I felt bored.haha

2.       I felt  motivated to become better person.i want to be a great person like them.Abang syukri ,
K emelda,K nazirah and Abang Aznan adalah Malaysian yang sambung ke graduate school in KAIST,

I would like to deliver my appreciation to UTM international that supports us from  beginning of this exchange programme. Especially in financial support.I also would like to thanks to TNCPI for helping me in financial support thou.I would like to express my deepest  gratitude to Pn HAIZA ,Pn Rahimah for all your time and guidance throughout this exchange programme .

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