Monday, December 29, 2014

tamat exam Physiology of screening microorganism taught by Dr Shafinaz Shahir

Alhamdulilah Dr allocated the marks too much 90 .
suddenly bad news came.another Dr said i ve not send the assigment yet.
At that time,i am so shocked.
Allah. how can?

I ve sent already.I just slip under the door
Ya Allah sungguh berat ujian ini,rasa seperti ditampar,

Alhamdulilah.ketika aku menghantar assignment itu,ad dua orang temanku sedang melihat carry marks mereka di luar pejabat.

Itu hikmahnya. Be positive.nak marah x guna,thus i just need to print a new one.
but,ほんとうに、i am so sad at first..

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