Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Yesterday I inactivated my fb account.This is one of the biggest sacrificed I madeJ

23/9/2011 3.oo a.m
.suddenly I feel like want to write something here,I am doing chemistry report right now.i believe song by irfan maki is very melodious.
 I love the music starting..~~na na na….u know what being an assasian is one of the hardest part in my life for the time being,huh!:
)nevermind,just take it easy,insya-Allah allah will easy us..,.here I feel respect to group n members because they are very great in speaking.eventhough we are in the same lecture hall.we never talk to each other,because we are not in businessJ

I woke up early in the morning as I slept early last night.within 11 0” it”s 7.23 and I am doing calculus.since I felt sleepy that”s y I am writing this.three more weeks to reach final exam.The only hope is ,I hope everything will be fine within this period.
Recently I realised that my eye power have increase,maybe this is because everyday looking at the lappy screen.
Alhamdulillah tq allah.tq to pakok to for inviting us to ur open for u for taking us from here.i am so surprise when hamka call me.within 6 0 clock.he said let”s go to pakok open house.i said”what,biar betol..then I asked who are going to angkut us?then he said:pakok…whoaaaaa…this is great..rezeki jangan ditolak…immediately I call ecah.unfortunately she was taking bath.then I asked her roommate to tell her immediately.alhamdulilah she agreed  to follow us..hihi..berjaya ak pujuk…hihi..kalo x ak suruh je pempuan,memang tunggul la ak nanti..btw tq so much u all..hamka,apai.ecah.and pakok..

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