Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tadaima" i am back:)

It"s has been long time i did not write anything here
.this is due to I am the lack of time.
 Time, is always there, but the way we arrange our time is very important.
Plus,as assasian.i was too busy finishing my tutorial and notes.
But,for the time being,alhamdulilah everything was fine here
.Act,at first i hesitated to blog again.but, when i think again this is one of my ways to express my feelings as i don"t have any bf yet to share my i don"t need it.i just needs a husband one day.:)u know why i want to blog all of sudden?guess why.
although my english is broken but i am tryingg polishing my english as it was very important in future
.so.please keep supporting me or correct me if i am wrong.*i know they are many grammatical error here
.but nevermind
. i am learning right.
right now is fasting month and i felt happy becoz everyday i woke up early in the morning to meet my creator.
Allah..thanks Allah for waking me up.
Ya Allah,please make me and my friends stronger in facing test from u.amin ya rabbal alamin
.i hope that my peer ,young or old generation can help in ALLAH "s deen.Guys i have some reminder for all of you.

:“Tidaklah Aku jadikan jin dan manusia, kecuali agar mereka beribadah kepada Ku”
(Az-Zariyat: 56)

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