Friday, August 26, 2011


yesterday my lecture have finished
biology cell is the last lecture
it should be algebra.but then
luckily dr ghafur cancel his class
besides.the lecture hall looks like empty already
haha......everybody is leaving
and today i am leaving to Melaka
after finishing my lecture,me and my friends
were doing some idiots thing
later on.i"ll update the pics...
we were taking pics at our room
and there"s some funny pics that quite embarrasssing
k then,we move to mid valley..
jeng jeng jeng
guess what
i went to mid valley with my school mate...
and both of us bought bags.
bercakap bercakap juga ...
did u guys realise that ramadhan is leaving us?
i am feel so sad..
have y ever think that this maybe our last ramadhan
ya allah please let us meet with the next ramadhan
please allah..
halilah,don"t change urself only for ramadhan but change urself for ur entire life
insyaallah...may allah lead me...
may us benefit these few days of ramadhan...
then..within 3 days to go to celebrate raya..
in this oppurtinity,
i would like to wish epi eid to all muslim
:)..esp all my friends"ohana 0610"

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