Tuesday, August 23, 2011

15 august 2011

15 august 2011
Time is running to fast.
It"s August now..A few months to go
.Yesterday,i went to bazar with my friends.They are my balcony neighbour.:)We just walked to arrive there u know and it"s quite far from my college becoz it"s located nearby the lrt station.However,i felt happy walked with them.
Besides. i gained experienced.haha...but,I dont want to walk there anymore ok
..because it is too far.This morning i just "sahur"a kurma and drink a lot of water .Then i continue to sleep as i slept late last night. 

16AUGUST 2011

Today is my birthday.:)

and I felt so happy today because they were many people wishing me.Last night I slept early.and suddenly I got a phone called from Chiko wishing me happy birthday..ThANKS a lot chiko for remembering my birthday and be my friend since form oneJMay ALLAH bless u always..But before that,I already got messages from Dania Hazirah.Her messages sound like this:titanic(there”s ship pic),,,,see how special u ar to me.I came by ship to say good night and sweet dreams..Happy becoming birthday!sweet 18<3 woot woot..May ALLAH bless u with rahmat and nikmat in this ramadhan.p/s saje send awl2 coz nak jadi org first konon..ngee~xoxo..muahhhhx!...hHaha..i felt overwhelmed.thanks people.Basides,I also got wish from my tutorials mate.thank u again.:)Not finished yet ok..i also got msg from unexpected boys.I highlighted here,boys ok,not boy.But whatever it is.i really appreciated them.The messages sound some sorts like this:Assalamualaikum.Selamat ari lahir.SMOga murah rezeki,dilimpahi rahmat dan keredaan dry g maha esa..the end…amin ya rabbal alamin.Then the others person wished me like this,happy birthday!smoga panjang umur n murah rezeki.may ALLAH bless u.have a blast on your birthday.Thank u so much.May ALLAH bless u too.I really shocked when I got this messages from that person .This is because it has been long time for me not contacting him.Ya ALLAH thanks u for giving me chance to breathe until today.Praise to ALLAH,alhamdulillah.i am eating
thanks people

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