Saturday, June 19, 2010

release everything be4 struggling

arie nie mak ambil abg dari hospital besar melaka setelah beberapa ari dthn ward .
.while some of my friends are going back to their homes and i am planning to stay hostel for studying but...
but there"s something happen..
.tonight all the wind orchestra"s members are going to their practica at bilik band while i am going to be alone up here"at dorm h",no,no..i won"t let it happen..becoz it quite freaky to staying alone here..haha so i decided to follow dania although for one days only.
.....same goes with fatimah and anis afifah who also follow dania.
..only for a day barbeque at her house..i like herstyle.she"s very kind to all her friends..may ALLAH bless her. to her family"a big applause also
"...and sorry to my mum...becoz she"s planning to come to my skool(which is ats bukit to visit me instead of taking my brother from hospital besar melaka0..i am really sorry mum....may ALLAH give you strength to face any challenge..and thanks 4 everything..
now it"s already 2.23 it is the first time a sleep  very late..i am not sure whether this is the last time for me blogging for this year
....becoz there not much time left..
only 17 days left to make revision for each subject..
ya ALLAH kau berikanlah ak kekuatan dan juga kpd sahabat2ku dlm kami mengharungi ujian mu ini ya ALLAH...

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