Saturday, June 19, 2010

it"s time for riadah gurl...
we are looking 4 we come!!!!!`

in front of dm
 budget"s my bottpose baek punya....

ditiup bayu laut....

ustazah dania
..bak kata izyan..ustzh norbahyah..

mozac tercinta

sports dayit"s look like others house is boycotting us..there"s must be udang sebalik mee

pom pom girl...look carefully at my shoes there"s a angel put it at my shoes when i already were rozimah and najwa..thanks to them..

exhausted man.....

look at the weird one.she"s shasha..

my leg is shivering and i am very afraid..i gonna run 100times4 after diz...
opsssssssssssssss kantoi....
it:s time to chill

sorry..i dont want to tuck in actually..but it"s gonna hard to run if i  am not doing this..

it"s our logo

it"s our job to set up the shirts for de boys
 creativity beyond de limit

dont"t disturb me....

de end..
it"s already 3.48 am

1 comment:

  1. ehem..
    mcm tiru abg fir punya idea jerk..
    ayat creativity beyond the limit...